Monday, 18 March 2013

A view of Google 'Sites'

One of the core features of Google Apps is Google Sites, a website creator that requires no 'html' coding. It is 'what you see is what you get' (WYSIWYG) experience that makes it great for time poor website creators (aka) teachers, but it is fully featured with a little bit of discovery.

The way that I started using Google Sites is that I wanted to create a class website that I could post links to websites of interest. When creating a new page there is a number of templates that can be used including; File Cabinet, Webpage, Announcements, List, and Start Page. I found that the File Cabinet was great for organising files and websites of interests into categories.

Google Sites can be used for other uses like personal profile page, portfolios, schools websites and portals. Some other examples are Mrs Burke's class website which shows that Sites as a class gateway with links to other Google Apps products like Forms, Calender, and Blogger. This is where Sites excels in bringing all the Apps products in one central place.

Some other websites that I have noticed recently, that use the power and simplicity of Google Sites include; Google Educast for cataloging their show notes, James Ruse Agricultural High School have developed a professional looking school website with Sites, and even my local sports club shares their results on the web with Google Sites.

So the potential in Google Sites is wide and varied. With a little play and exploration there is likely to be the option you need to make your Site more personable. Start small and create a class website, now... As the editor is online you can develop it anywhere and when you like, which is the beauty of Google Apps!

"Perhaps the jewel in the Apps suit is Google Sites"


  1. I'm looking forward to working with my staff to make a website for each classroom. Easy is the key to introducing new staff to the possibilities and it seems Google sites gets it right.

  2. Sites have such interesting possibilities. I am beginning to construct a site that is essentially my program. I can share it exclusively with my supervisor and colleagues.

  3. I have used google sites extensively in Victoria inmy classes. I had google site for each of my classes. My students had their sites too where they could publish their work and I could assess them online. So everything was interactive and online. Even students' parents remained updated of deadlines and assessment progress. Unfortunately, students can not create their own googlesite in NSW as they are banned by the department. Any updates on wether students will be able to create their own google site or not? Without student sites interactivity is lost and it just remains as a platform of publishing and organising work.